God is on the Move. Are We?

“The Biblical God is by nature a sending God, a missionary God. The Father sends the Son; the Son sends the Spirit and his disciples into the world. Therefore the whole church is in mission; every Christian is in mission. God never calls you in to bless you without also sending you out to be a blessing… So a Christian is not a spiritual consumer, coming to get his or her emotional needs met and then going home. A missional church, then is one that trains and equips its people to be in mission as individuals and as a body.”

+Tim Keller Center Church 


God in the story of scripture is never an absent God who stays away.  God is not a passive God who sits back and lets the world destroy itself.  This God who so loves the world is actively present. God enters into the mess and darkness of the world to bring new life.  God is on the move. That might be a phrase worth noting as you read the Bible.  It might be a hidden reality worth remember in your daily life. God is on the move.  That is missio Dei, the mission of God.

We see God on the move through the Bible.  This comes into clearest focus in Jesus of Nazareth.  John tells us his gospel in the opening of his gospel tells us, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  The Message paraphrase puts it in vivid terms, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.”  John uses Word to communicate the radical reality that the Word is Jesus and the Word came to earth and showed us who God is.  It is profound. The eternal God, beyond space and time is embodied in a local setting.

God is on the move. In this case he doesn’t show up in some big booming take up the entire kind of sky way. God doesn’t wait to show up in this way to the days of CNN, smartphones and Twitter so literally the whole world would know that very day—God is on the move. In many ways it is a less than ideal way, time, and plan.  God comes in a very particular way to a particular people at a particular time in history.  He moved into the neighborhood of Galilee and demonstrates there who God is.

God sent himself.  He is his own missionary.  This is how God is on the move when Jesus shows up on the scene.  When we read the New Testament we see that almost all of the stories occurred in the neighborhood.  Jesus came where people lived in their daily, ordinary stuff Jesus didn’t preach to stadiums like Billy Graham. His work and words weren’t captured and put on YouTube.  Jesus didn’t wait for the ideal religious time or setting and then ask people to come to him.  He went to them.

One of those ways Jesus goes to people in their places was simply eating with people.  The gospel of Luke really picks up on this theme showing Jesus who eats with outsiders, outcasts, sick people, sinner and tax collectors.  He talked about the Kingdom of God, it was enacted by stories and healings.  The central message of Jesus: the Kingdom of God/heaven is here (at hand), the reign of God has begun.

What Jesus is saying is that the long awaited (promised) time is here now—God has return to save his world.  The kingdom is here. God’s world has broken into our world.  The climax of this mission comes at the cross.  Three days later when Jesus God defeats the powers of sin and death once and for all.  The cross a public symbol of shame and defeat in the first century are made into an instrument that overcomes the powers of darkness.  The missionary God bursts out of the grave and moves, victorious into the world.  The world will never be the same.

This is the mission of God (Missio Dei) in a concise terms.   But this Missio Dei conversation doesn’t end there.  God isn’t on the move by himself.  To be a disciple of Jesus means that we are also on the move!  Disciples follow Jesus. And where does Jesus lead us?  Into the world to join with God in the mission—that is where.    

We see this very clearly in John 20:21 “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”  Our World Belongs to God 41 captures this well” Joining the mission of God the church is sent with the gospel of the Kingdom…the Spirit calls all member to embrace God’s mission in their neighborhood.”  There is a saying that is helpful “It is not that the church has a mission.  It is that God’s mission has a church” God is on a mission, God is on the move the question is are we moving with him?  Are we cooperating with his Spirit’s work?  The mission is more than a program, committee or wing of the church.  It is more than the work of trained professionals.  It is not just another item on our to do list. It is at the heart of who we are.

At some point most of us learned the saying “here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and here is the people.”  We tend to think of church as a place, the building we go to. We’ve all been taught that the #1 definition of “church” is a people.  Still we tend to think of church as a building, a place we go, a think we do especially on Sunday morning as in “I went to church this morning.”  The quote on our bulletin is a reminder that our consumer culture encourages us to view church as a place that meets our needs. If this is the case then the church becomes a vendor of spiritual goods and services.

If you are happy with your service you’ll continue to do business, if not you can always switch in the same way you can with cable/internet/phone services. In this scenario church pours its energy and resources into customer service and marketing—keeping customers happy and trying to get new ones.  Basically the church as a country club—you pay your dues and you get the perks that you signed up for.

The question, “How do we grow this church?” is answered by the church trying to sell membership packages (institutional wrappings: membership, fellowship and member benefits).  Much of the work and finding from Barna over the last decade show a North American culture is not buying what the things we are selling.

Here is the latest: http://www.barna.org/culture-articles/613-how-post-christian-is-us-society

In a post-Christian culture stock in the institutional church is down.  From a very practical sense, people are not just going to show up to our church.  And besides that is not how God wants it to be in the first place.  That is not joining God in mission


1 thought on “God is on the Move. Are We?

  1. Came across this prayer this morning in (where else) Seeking God’s Face:
    Sending God, how can I possibly represent you to a watching world? Let me start right here, on my knees, seeking the power that comes from on high. May your Spirit move me toward the world you love. Amen.

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