Praying for your Pastor

Lifted this from the folks over at The Twelve.  Not a bad place to start if you want to know how to pray for your pastor.  (And please, pray for your pastor!)

Dear God, bless our pastor.
Encourage him* with Your word.
Comfort him with Your songs.
Refresh him with Your living water.
Empower him with Your truth.
Clothe him with Your strength.

Make room in his spirit for more of Your Spirit.
Give him the heart of a careful vinedresser.
The task is not easy and pruning is painful.

Loosen the soil of our hearts
So that Your Word, as spoken through him,
Would be a seed in fertile ground;
Your love, as evidenced by him,
Would water the seedling;
Your strength, as seen in him,
Would bring new growth to dormant lives;
And Your perseverance, as demonstrated by him,
Would yield a bountiful harvest of grain to be
Ground, mixed and kneaded
For the nourishment of souls beyond his reach.
In Jesus’ name, the Bread of Life, we pray.  Amen.


*Please pardon the non gender-inclusive language.


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