anchor point

I love to bow hunt, the challenge of getting a deer in close enough to reach out with a stick and string. It provides a challenge of remaining consistent with your shot time after time so you can be confident when the deer steps into range. This challenge of consistency begins with setting your anchor point.

The anchor point is the reference point you return to each time you draw your bow, for me it is when my knuckle on my right hand sits right behind my right ear lobe and the string is just touching my nose. When I get to this position I know I have set my anchor point. And coming back to this position each time I draw and each time I shoot is one part to the consistency I need to make a good shot. The anchor point is extremely important to keep you consistent when shooting a bow.

But an anchor point is extremely important when it comes to keeping you consistent in walking with God too.

In Psalm 46, the psalmist depicts three scenarios of life that send chaos, uncertainty, and fear into the hearts of the people of the world. He depicts natural disasters, political turmoil, and wars…each of which brings fear into the world and each of which shows how the world is bent under the weight of sin.

Those pictures of the psalmist are experience each day in our news, we remember the  devastation in Japan following the deadly tsunami that literally brought the mountains out into the heart of the sea. We see the political chaos that has erupted in Egypt, or Lybia, or even the fighting of our own political structure in the U.S. at the present time. And we see the reality of war and we hear continued reports of our men and women in the armed services who are being wounded or giving their lives for this country. And if these were the only pictures we have it would be devastating. Our lives would be up and down, happy then sad, hopeful then fearful, constantly changing with what we hear.

But into that experience, the psalmist gives us an anchor point. And while he does not say that all the chaos will be taken away…he does say that “God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble…the Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress” Psalm 46:1 and 11


Our anchor point, the hope we must come back to time after time is this: that God promises to be with us through each disaster, through each political mess, and through every war until he comes again. The anchor by which our faith remains consistent is the anchor that God is with us and walks with us through each experience of life.

So stick with your anchor point…come back to that place each day. And just like your shot with a bow will grow more and more consistent…so will your walk with God. God with us…let that ground your faith today…no matter what you might be experiencing today.

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